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Skin Finisher

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The Diamond Ball Skin Finisher (5mm) can be used in 2 ways:

  • Without oil - this bit is excellent as a finishing exfoliator bit on the eponychium and surrounding skin around the nail plate PRIOR to applying nail enhancement products.
  • With oil - after you have completed the enhancement service and applied a small amount of cuticle oil, the diamond bit can be used as a finishing bit at a very low speed. This will provide a gentle Microderm abrasion effect, sluffing off any dead tissue and working the oil deep within the dermis layers of the skin. Be sure NOT to touch the enhancement as the bit will scratch the surface.

1 bit per package.

Fine grit - red band

Made from 100% high quality diamond particles. 


Diamond Bits are safe to use to prep the natural nail and skin before nail enhancement services. 

Clean bits per your local health and state guidelines. 

These products are intended for professionals only. All sales are final.