Nectarine Barrel Carbide

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Nectarine Barrel Carbide

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The Nectarine Barrel is a beautiful option for a skin safe, specialty carbide bit. This bit is excellent for removal of soft gel or hard gel enhancements It features 2 different sizes of teeth, which creates an unmatched cutting performance and leaves a smooth surface on the enhancement. 

Skill level: beginner/intermediate

Skin Safe, 3/32 

Created with the highest quality German steel.

Carbide bits are not intended for the natural nail.

The Citrus series features the Nectarine, Nectarine Round top, Nectarine Barrel and the Cutie. Sold individually. 

Specialty Carbide bits should be cleaned and disinfected according to your local health and state guidelines. 

These products are intended for professionals only. All sales are final.