Butterfly Purple - Stacker Pot

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Butterfly Purple - Stacker Pot

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Magpie Shape Stacker Pots: The base of these pots will screw onto each other to create your very own bespoke Magpie Shape Stackers.

Magpie shapes are a fun way to add to a nail art design. These plastic shapes can be encapsulated in Magpie Give Me Strength without adding bulk. 

  • Add a layer of Magpie Give Me Strength to a cured color layer of Magpie gel. DO NOT CURE.
  • Lay the chosen shapes into the uncured gel. When you are happy with the design, cure for 60 seconds. Use the Magpie LED Torch with Silicone Sponge to make application a breeze.
  • Add another layer of Magpie Give Me Strength and manipulate the gel to encapsulate the shapes and make a level surface. Once you are happy with the gel application, cure for 60 seconds. 
  • Finish the nail with a layer of Magpie Top it Off and cure for 60 seconds.

These can also be encapsulated in Magpie Acrylic.